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Quantify Savings
Knowing the demand for service with a predictive forecast translates into savings, while improving coverage, from tightly matched labor resources - By day of week, by shift. Move beyond savings guesswork ---- Get hard numbers possible, on specific savings, in your situation. Click to know more:

Staffing Improvements

Step 1

This yields a quick understanding of potential opportunity for Variable Workload staffing. The ratio generated can be compared with a median Labor Compensation Ratio (LCR) of 51.6% for Non-Profit hospitals, as compared with 40 - 45% LCR for For-Profit hospitals.

Inputs: Your Hospital's Numbers LCR & Margin Improvement
Net Operating Revenue: Labor Compensation Ratio (LCR):
Total Labor Spend: Target LCR Reduction:
RN Labor Spend: New LCR:
Current Margin: New Margin:
% Margin Improvement:

Step 2

This step gives perspective to the saving opportunity showing a comparision between the educated guess you performed in Step 1 and a specific way to reduce LCR targeting Premium Pay using Optimization and Variable Workload staffing that will clearly lower cost and may well improve shift coverager levels.

Variable Workload Staffing Impact on LCR & Margin
VWS Reduction in RN Spend: (Typically 5% to 15%)
VWS Savings:
Target LCR Impact VWS Impact
New LCR:
LCR Reduction: 1.0%
New Margin:
% Margin Improvement:
The figures and calculations in this estimator are for informational purposes only. Each individual situation is unique and may include specific variables that are not included in this estimator. The Potential opportunities estimated here are not intended to be a commitment, guaranty, or warranty from Agile HealthCare, and Agile HealthCare accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in the estimator. Please contact Agile HealthCare for a complete assessment of the potential savings for your facility.