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Agile Advantage
The Agile Advantage provides you with the speed, flexibility, objectivity and precision you need to meet your resource allocation challenges. Click below to know more about how each component of the Agile Advantage can put you ahead of the curve. Download The Agile Advantage.[pdf]

Forecasting Robustness

Manager's Challenges Addressed

Rhythmic patterns and sudden changes of all types are a reality in today's environment.

Short-term changes tend to mask long-term demand dynamics which become virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Manual calculation is possible only with simplistic methods inadequate to deal with the true dynamics that bring cost control and reduction.

Seasonal changes are hard to discern from overall trend changes, and are especially difficult to integrate into the forecast

Agile Advantage

Sophisticated 4TM Engine incorporating proprietary Multiple Model MethodologyTM modeling built for maximum responsiveness to short and long-term dynamic shifts in demand.

Readily accommodates adjustments for known or anticipated changes in business.