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Agile Pro Solutions
Resource Planning and Management Tools: Correctly align resources with workload and workflow to improve outcomes in patient care and productivity
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Agile Pro Solutions

Enhance clinical unit core business-practices by correctly aligning resources with workload and workflow to improve patient care and safety, capacity, throughput and productivity. With Agile-PRO (Predictive Resource Optimization) solutions, managers have a suite of resource planning and management tools that leverage predictive forecasts of workload, for automated, evidence-based daily and forward looking decision making guidance on the right resources needed.

Knowing upcoming workload provides the power to effectively allocate with precision and consistency every day, the resources needed to care for your patients. Put yourself at the forefront of the industry by ensuring consistently available patient care while controlling or reducing labor and supply costs via optimized resources scheduling.

Available in i-Pro & H-Pro versions for unit or enterprise use.